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     R & D innovation and continuous technical improvement is one of the key factors in o  ur success. The product has been included in the development process, seal and contact with the customer at the initial stage. We have invested a lot of resources to stay ahead of R & D and technological improvements, and to gain insight into the future trends of our products, and we have invested a lot of energy and material resources in the development and improvement of basic materials and production processes , Continuous research and continuous improvement has made us different from our competitors, our research and development is divided into six steps:
1, to provide customers with solutions
  And customers in close contact for the customer to choose the right materials and the correct structure, and customers fully discussed to help customers make the final decision.
2, material research and development
   Rely on the technology and research results we have in the polymer, to provide customers with the right materials or the development of new materials for the needs of customers,
   We have the technical aspects of the polymer include:
    ● General plastic application technology
    ● dense / sponge EPDM, silica gel
    ● modified PVC (PVC / NBR, PVC / TPU, PVC / EVA), ultra-high molecular weight PVC, PVC / ABS alloy
    ● color TPE (TPV, TPR, TPO, TPU), foam TPE (being developed)
    ● EPDM and TPV co-extrusion of the leading technology
    Suitable for extrusion applications of special engineering plastics
    ● environmentally friendly materials
    ● Test in your own factory
3, product development
    ● Design the technical requirements of the product, design mold, design special equipment.
    ● 2D / 3D computer-aided design

4, the production process research and development
5, the evaluation of the experiment and the final sample

6, improved

Effectively control the quality of the manufacturing process, to avoid possible waste, to prevent defective products into the next process.

● Detection of raw materials
● Semi-finished products are tested
● The finished product is tested

New material development and improvement of existing materials are tested at the testing center, and the material performance is evaluated based on the results of the test to determine if the customer's needs are met

● New material development process testing (physical performance)
? Testing of existing materials in the process of improvement
Domestic market distribution:
Domestic business covering Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hainan, Guangxi, SichuanQinghai, Gansu, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region class, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, more than 20 provinces and cities.

International Market Distribution:
exported to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, India, and Southeast Asian countries.

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